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A Law Office you can trust.

We specialize in: Criminal Law, Traffic Law, Custody, DSS Court, Juvenile Court, Divorce, Civil Law, and Separation Agreements.

About Us

We are a Law Office in Mt. Airy in Surry County, NC. We specialize in many types of law and are more than capable of handling all of your legal needs.

Open Monday through Thursday

8 am to 5 pm

Friday 8-12

Call us during business hours at 336-786-0090


"Gretchen represented me in court for a Driving While Impaired charge and I was found not guilty!  She saved my license and job!"

"Gretchen helped me get my license back and helped me with multiple speeding tickets.  She is the best by far."

"Gretchen fought hard for me to get custody of my children from their mother who is unfit to keep them. She is the best lawyer around!"

"Mrs. Kirkman represented me in child support  court and after many years of not paying child support, now my wife is!"

"Gretchen got my felonies dismissed for me.  I owe her. "   

"Gretchen got me custody of my grandchildren.  She knows the law!"

"DSS had custody of my children.  Gretchen represented me and I have custody of my children back.  I feel that she is a part of the family."

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